Riding for a Cure

  On May 18, 2014 the “Tour de Cure North Shore” will take place starting at the Topsfield Fairground in Topsfield, MA. This event is part of a series of charity bike rides run by the American Diabetes Association.  Last year these events raised $26 million which went towards scientific research as well as direct assistance and support for […]

Building a New Room

  With the addition of our new hygienist Samantha, we’ve discovered that it’s time to make some renovations to our North Andover office.  Over the next few months we will be working on equipping a new treatment room that is set up specifically for checkup and cleaning appointments.  Our third room already has lighting, paint, flooring, […]

Prevention Tips for Children

Infants Infants should be seen by our office after the first six months of age, and at least by the child’s first birthday. By this time, the baby’s first teeth, or primary teeth, are beginning to erupt and it is a critical time to spot any problems before they become big concerns. Conditions like gum […]

Basics About Halitosis

An estimated sixty-five percent of Americans have bad breath. Over forty-million Americans have “chronic halitosis,” which is persistent bad breath. Ninety percent of all halitosis is of oral, not systemic, origin. Americans spend more than $1 billion a year on over the counter halitosis products, many of which are ineffective because they only mask the […]

How to Prevent Tooth Decay

What Is Tooth Decay? Tooth decay is caused by a variety of things; in medical terms, cavities are called caries, which are caused by long-term destructive forces acting on tooth structures such as enamel and the tooth’s inner dentin material. These destructive forces include frequent exposure to foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Soda, candy, […]