Do you clench or grind your teeth?

  Has someone ever told you that they hear you scraping or grinding your teeth when you are sleeping? Have you noticed that the edges of your teeth seem worn down or are chipped and rough? Do you suffer from jaw pain or headaches when you wake up in the morning? If you answered yes […]

Question about tooth whitening?

  Why do teeth become discolored? The most common reason why our teeth can become discolored is from exposure to pigments in the foods and drinks that we consume.  The stains that result can be both extristic (on the surface of the teeth) or instrinsic (embedded in the microscopic pores within our teeth).    How […]

Almost Done! More pics of the new room!

  Our project here at Dr. Yoon’s dental office is almost completed!  Our new treatment chair and cabinets have been installed as well as the new monitors and digital imaging units.  The new room with allow Dr. Yoon and his dental team to continue to provide outstanding patient service as we grow and expand!   […]

Starting work on our new room!

  We’re excited that the buildout for the new treatment room at Dr. Yoon’s dental office has officially begun!  If you come by our office this week you may notice that a big project is underway.  We are adding a new treatment chair as well as new equipment, cabinets, a new computer, tv and more.  This […]

Dr Yoon’s Tips for Keeping your Teeth Healthy This Summer

  Try to avoid those sugary drinks and snacks! Summer is the time for cookouts which means plenty of delicious food and drinks to go around!  Sodas, sport drinks, popsicles, and other cavity-causing foods are all around this time of year.  Dr. Yoon recommends that you do your best to maintain a healthy, balanced diet with lots of […]

Krit Classic 5k

  This past Sunday Dr. Yoon participated in the 6th annual Krit Classic.  The Krit Classic is a 5K road race which is run each year to celebrate the memory of Krit Kearins who passed away in 2008.  The proceeds from this event go toward a scholarship given to a deserving member of the graduating […]

5 Questions with Samantha…Our Dental Hygienist

What is your role at Dr. Yoon’s office? I am a dental hygienist.  I help Dr. Yoon take x-rays, check teeth for cavities, and do gentle cleanings when patients come in for their checkups. If you could do absolutely anything besides working at Dr. Yoon’s office, what would you do and where would you do it? I […]

5 Questions with Michelle…Our Dental Assistant

What is your role at Dr. Yoon’s dental office? I seat patients, take x-rays, take impressions, set up and clean up treatment rooms and assist Dr. Yoon. I also manage inventory and sterilization procedures. If you could do absolutely anything besides assisting Dr. Yoon, what would you do and where would you do it? I would […]

5 Questions with Gaby…Our Dental Office Manager

What is your role at Dr. Yoon’s office? My job includes managing our schedule, greeting dental patients, and assisting patients with billing and insurance. If you could do absolutely anything besides manage Dr. Yoon’s North Andover dentist office, what would you do and where would you do it? I would find a job where I […]